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    ClickAlgo House Rules

    ClickAlgo is an open and transparent company offering trading tools, education and services for users of the cTrader trading platform, but we draw the line on certain types of conduct that may jeopardize our users, threaten our infrastructure or damage our community. We also take the enforcement of all terms and conditions seriously, and we aim to run a clean website that operates on fair principles.


    Our Main House Rules

    Please read below the main house rules before you start using our website and services.

    • Use only one account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
    • Users must register using a real first name, last name and email address, accounts will be automatically removed by the system.
    • Registering with a disposable email address is not allowed.
    • Brokers & exchanges are required to use corporate accounts. Only individual users can use regular accounts. Please get in touch with us for more information.
    • No posting links or reference to content or sites that contain viruses or malware.
    • No contentious political discourse, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory remarks, hate speech or personal attacks.
    • No links/posts with illegal content, erotica, pornography or nudity.
    • Do not post content that is not your original work, or infringes the copyright of any third party.
    • No advertising, direct marketing or solicitation! To advertise to our audience, you can contact
    • Don’t spread rumours, unsubstantiated information or unsourced news. Any news event posted should include a source that corroborates it.


    How Bans Work

    You will get a warning or a ban (ranging from 5 minutes to 1 month) if you break the rules listed above:

    Customers need to contact us after the ban period, so we can reactivate their account.

    The moderator picks the appropriate response based on the violation and previous ban history. Warnings or short bans are typically issued for first-time or small violations. Each consecutive violation will likely result in a longer ban period until it reaches 1 week and then 1 month. These two measures must be taken before a user is banned permanently.


    There are five exceptions where an account will get permanently banned right away:

    • Duplicate accounts
    • Accounts used for spamming
    • Accounts that spread malware
    • Accounts that are found to be linked to other duplicate accounts with the same user and exploit ClickAlgo's free trial feature
    • Publication of inappropriate or plagiarized scripts

    * Please note that users who have purchased products can be warned and banned from the chat group and website just like any other user. 


    Targetted Profanity

    We have a zero-tolerance concerning profanity targeted towards any member of our staff and we reserve the right to suspend the customer's account should this happen.


    Personal Information

    ClickAlgo reserves the right to reset an inappropriate avatar. The offending member will lose the ability to set his or her avatar.

    An inappropriate avatar:

    • Is discriminatory
    • Is overtly political
    • Impersonates or ridicules someone else
    • Contains erotica or nudity
    • Is it offensive to good taste


    ClickAlgo reserves the right to reset your account name if it:

    • Contains a website, email addresses or contact information
    • Impersonates someone else
    • Suggests you are a moderator, TradingView employee or employed by a broker or crypto exchange
    • Is offensive


    Telegram Chat Group House Rules

    If you are a member of our Telegram chat group then you will also need to follow some additional house rules.


    Please note: by signing up for our services you agree to be bound by all ClickAlgo Terms & Conditions