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    cTrader Martingale Strategy, Free & Open Source

    We are offering a cTrader Martingale Strategy, Free & Open Source so that our customers can add new features and use it as a baseline for a trading robot. The automated trading robot was written in Microsoft C# and requires the cTrader Desktop platform to run.

    A Martingale system is a high-risk strategy that has been used since the 18th century that has been used in the gambling halls of casinos, but the problem with this type of strategy is that you need a large supply of money to achieve 100% profitability.


    Best Martingale Forex Trading Strategy


    How to Increase the Probability of Winning?

    As with any automated algorithm in the financial markets, you can increase the chances of winning by adding more trade rules, filters and risk management, the system that we are giving away already has the following extra features that reduce the Martingales Strategy risk factor.

    • Price action filter using candlesticks for trend direction.
    • Equity stop protection.
    • Stop loss.
    • Drawdown of equity protection.
    • Gambling multiplier setting.
    • Friday afternoon shutdown option.


    How to Add More Features?

    As the trading robot is open-source which means you can download the robot complete with the code so that you can either make the changes yourself if you are a programmer or use the services of ClickAlgo's Development Team which specialise in coding for the cTrader platform.


    How to Download Martingale Robot?

    You can download the free martingale trading robot by visiting the product page and adding the product to your shopping cart, the price is free, so you do not need to pay anything, there is no trial period and all the features will work.