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    cTrader Forex 1-Year Mini Chart Plugin

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    The cTrader Forex 1-Year Mini Chart Plugin displays the price of a currency pair over 12 months in the Active Symbol Panel to provide a quick review of the historical trend and potential structures for support and resistance levels.
    Forex symbols only. Requires cTrader v5.*
    (OS) Type: Windows & macOS Compatible
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Updated: Tuesday, 21 May 2024
    Author: ClickAlgo Team

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    cTrader Software

    The 1-year historical forex mini chart is a valuable tool for both short-term and long-term traders, as it provides a comprehensive view of price movements, trends, and market behaviour over a substantial period. This information is crucial for making informed trading decisions and developing effective strategies.


    Trend Analysis

    A 1-year chart allows traders to observe the overall trend (uptrend, downtrend, or sideways) of a currency pair over a significant period and this helps make informed trading decisions. It also provides insights into the strength and consistency of the trend, which is crucial for forecasting future price movements.


    Support and Resistance Levels

    The chart can help identify important support and resistance levels that have held over the past year, these levels are critical for setting entry and exit points. Traders can look for patterns where the price has consistently reversed or broken through these levels, indicating potential future behaviour.


    cTrader Risk & Reward Charting Tool


    Volatility and Market Behavior

    Understanding how volatile a currency pair has been over the past year aids in risk management and setting appropriate stop-loss orders. It shows how the currency pair has reacted to economic events, news releases, and geopolitical developments, helping traders anticipate similar future reactions.


    Technical Indicators

    A 1-year chart allows for calculating and analysing moving averages (e.g., 50-day, 200-day) commonly used to identify trends and reversals and traders can apply other technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, etc., to the 1-year data to generate trading signals.


    Historical Context

    It provides historical context, enabling traders to compare current price actions with past events and conditions as it recognises recurring patterns and seasonal cycles can be easier with a year's worth of data.


    Decision Making

    Long-term traders and investors use 1-year charts to develop strategic plans and confirm their trading strategies' validity over a significant period. Short-term traders can also benefit by understanding the longer-term context in which short-term price movements occur, aiding in more precise timing of trades.


    Mini Chart Plugin

    The mini-chart Plugin will automatically update each time you change the symbol using the cTrader application, it will also automatically change to the light theme when you update the cTrader Desktop settings.

    Detach the plugin for floating windows showing the symbol's 1-year mini chart.


    cTrader Forex Mini Chart


    How To Install & Remove a Plugin

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then follow the steps below.


    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions, please first search our product help forum for the answer, if you cannot find it, post a new question.


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