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    Real-Time Audio News Alerts

    Newsquawk is a low latency audio stream used by professional traders who cover the markets 24-hours a day which monitors over 100 news sources to provide real-time audio alerts before key news releases. This allows traders to execute using Newsquawk's trading edge.


     cTrader Newsquawk Audio Alerts

    Forex - Equities - Fixed Income - Commodities


    Why Use News Alerts?

    It is well known that news events cause most of the unpredictable volatility in the markets and unless you have deep pockets like the banks there is a high chance that either your stops will be taken out or you will not be able to ride out the equity drawdowns that happen. All traders will need to keep an eye on the financial news and there is no better place to get your real-time news than a live squawk feed.


    Why Use Newsquawk?

    Using Newsquawk you will be notified about major market events the moment it happens and not delayed like many other providers, this will allow you as a trader to either enter or exit a trade and manage your risk like a true professional.


    Play a sample real-time audio news update


    All-In-One Platform Solution

    • A web-based news feed is available where traders can listen to how the markets may move.
    • Understand everything in clear precise English with Instant Analysis and Reaction audio news.
    • Speak with a team member for a 1-2-1 Analysis Chat.
    • Understand what is happening now and in the future with Research Reports & Market Rundowns.
    • Live-Scrolling Text Headlines, never miss an important market-moving moment.


    Individual Asset Class Packages

    There are various single packages that are on offer depending on the instruments the trader uses, just a few assets are shown below.

    • Equities: Major earnings & stock rumours, major company restructuring, options, stock splits and buybacks.
    • Fixed income: G7 economic releases, central bank speakers & rumours.
    • Energy: Brent crude oil, WTI, natural gas, RBOB gasoline & NY harbour futures.
    • Forex: Central bank speakers, G20 economic releases, technicals for major currency pairs and crosses.
    • Metals: Base metal markets, major G7 economic data, Latest macro and industry-related news & Daily LME warehouse data.


    Free 7-Day Trial

    Start using the Newsquawk real-time audio news feed for 7-days to see if it is something that would help your trading.

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