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    How to Optimise the Best Trading Hours

    Finding the best trading hours when using your automated trading robot is often overlooked by most traders and if used correctly it can increase your profit and reduce the financial risk. Each instrument (symbol) will perform best with different trading hours, so you will need to find the optimal times to start and stop trading. Sometimes you will use two trading sessions, morning and afternoon, this will bypass the lunchtime trading where brokers or banks can put in big orders. 

    Why Do Trading Hours Matter?


    Most automated trading robots use Technical Trading where the robot uses technical indicators to open and close trades this would work well if it was not for the Fundamental part of the trading where the price of an instrument can be affected by anticipated earnings reports and other market events that are usually communicated via News Releases. Another factor to take into account is the brokers and banks submitting large orders during the day, with some analysis the times when not to trade can be identified.

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