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    cTrader Funded Account - PipFarm

    At PipFarm, you can transform your trading aspirations into tangible success by passing their screening test to be eligible for a potential $200,000 seed capital. Once funded, you must achieve the profit milestone to unlock subsequent funding every 30 days.

    * Our review of Pipfarm as of March 2024


    cTrader PipFarm Funded Trading


    What is a Prop Firm?

    A prop firm, short for proprietary trading firm, is a financial institution that trades with its capital rather than your funds. These firms employ traders who use various strategies to generate profits from fluctuations in financial markets such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and derivatives. Proprietary trading firms typically provide you with access to significant amounts of capital of up to $200,000, and advanced trading technology like the cTrader platform. Profits made by traders contribute to the firm's overall earnings, and traders may receive a portion of the profits as compensation, often in the form of performance-based bonuses.


    What is Seed Funding?

    Seed funding for proprietary trading firms involves providing initial capital to support a trader's trading activities, these funds are used when the trader does not have the funds to help them get started.





    PipFarm aims to support career traders by providing additional funding rounds as a reward for meeting targets.


    How You Are Paid

    PipFarm's profit-sharing scale serves as a motivator for traders and acknowledges ambition, the higher your earnings, the higher your share. Your profit-sharing percentage adapts dynamically according to your requested amount and if you achieve the target for the greatest percentage, you retain up to 90% of the pips you generate.

    The PipFarm dashboard displays your eligibility and the amounts you're entitled to receive, so when you're prepared to receive your profit share, the app promptly generates an invoice and transfers funds within 48 hours. Their payroll system manages all applicable fees and taxes in your country, allowing you to concentrate on trading without distractions.


    Useful Guides

    Here are some useful guides to provide more information about PipFarm's service for funding traders.


    Any Questions

    If you have questions about PipFarm or how it works, post on our support site.