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    cTrader Premium Support

    We offer technical support for our customers using the cTrader Desktop platform, our technicians can help you install, configure and run your trading platform as quickly as possible. If you are a company we also offer support bridging gaps between MT4 and cTrader.


    Customer Support

    As a new trader, you may wish to use our support service to get up and running as quickly as possible, leaving you to focus on what's important. some of the services we can offer include.

    • Downloading & Installing cTrader desktop.
    • Configuring cTrader desktop trade settings.
    • How to install a cBot & indicator.
    • How to configure and run your cBots.
    • How to backtesting & optimise cBots.


    Company Support

    If you are a company we can help you migrate your customers trading robots and indicators to work with the cTrader platform, we can also offer broker integration and daily support to help you run your business.

    ClickAlgo Teamwork


    Why Use ClickAlgo?

    ClickAlgo has over 7 years of experience using the cTrader platform with over 12500+ registered customers, in that time we have delivered over 1400 custom cBot projects using our development service. We are also lucky to have a veteran cTrader guru with extensive knowledge of both the cTrader platform and technology to help everybody.


    Contact our sales team for pricing and terms.

    General support can be found on our cTrader FAQs page and Help Center.