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    Wall Street Analysis for Part-Time Investors

    WallStreetZen has an approach that combines user-friendly data visualizations with automated stock analysis, enabling you to comprehend a stock's fundamentals in mere minutes. They are a market research website headquartered in Hong Kong, established by Nate Tsang - an enthusiastic investor and entrepreneur. Its aim is to provide users with the necessary data to make informed investment decisions.

    WallStreetZen Review

    Comprehensive stock market analysis tailored for the diligent part-time investor.


    Uncover a Company's Health Using Zen Score

    WallStreetZen's Score stands out from other proprietary scores because it is completely transparent, they utilize 38 proven due diligence checks to help you identify companies that possess. They also provide investors with access to market insights and expert opinions from top financial analysts. The platform automatically tracks the historical recommendations of more than 3,000 analysts, taking into account their average return, win rate, and a number of ratings.


    Due Diligence Checks

    The due diligence checks are specifically designed to bring investors' attention to critical information that might not be immediately obvious by simply analyzing a stock's price chart or financials. Such information may pertain to projected earnings or details about the company that can impact its long-term performance.

    The intention behind these due diligence checks is to assist you in recognizing factors that may require further investigation before executing a trade. This approach streamlines your research process, allowing you to be as efficient as possible.


    NasDaq Checks


    Plans & Pricing

    The company offers a basic plan and a paid plan, we tested the free plan and found it was a perfect match for new investors who need just the basics, you can sign up with your email address. If after a period of time, you have been using the free version and would like the premium plan then the current price stands at $150 per year paid annually (Premium).

    Premium plans offer predictions and advice from highly successful analysts, concise explanations of the reasons behind stock movements, and significant email notifications for stocks on your radar.


    Final Thoughts

    The only negative feedback is that they are linked to eToro and from the site, you can buy a stock that will open the eToro website, apart from that it is a fantastic site for both new and experienced traders.


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