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    cTrader Web vs Desktop

    Spotware, the creators of the cTrader offer various flavours of the platform to download for both Windows and the macOS. We will help you decide which version is best, for your current trading style. But when it comes to performance, anticipate superior results from the desktop application as it is native, unlike cTrader Web, which operates within a browser and may experience limitations. 

    • cTrader Desktop
    • cTrader Web
    • cTrader Mobile

    cTrader Web vs Desktop

    cTrader Web

    The web version of cTrader will run in your web browser and can be accessed on any computer without having to install any software, this is useful if you need to trade from different locations and you do not have a portable laptop. Recently Spotware have published new updates with many new features like an in-built Risk & Reward Tool. 



    The web version grants traders access to their accounts from any device equipped with an HTML5-compatible web browser. Unlike the desktop application, cTrader Web doesn't require pre-installation and is compatible with multiple operating systems, offering traders versatility on the move. Its design prioritizes accessibility and user-friendliness, making it an ideal option for those who prioritize flexibility and convenience.



    One of the major disadvantages is that you cannot use custom indicators and cBots on cTrader Web and some features might be available on one platform because they have not been delivered on the other. In terms of performance, you should expect a better performance from the desktop application since it is native compared to cTrader Web which needs to run within a browser.


    cTrader Desktop

    The Desktop version of cTrader is usually the preferred choice for professional traders who need speed and offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for traders:

    Native Performance: Being a desktop application, cTrader Desktop typically offers better performance compared to web-based platforms. It can utilize the full resources of the user's device, resulting in smoother execution and faster loading times.

    Advanced Features: Desktop applications often come with more advanced features and customization options compared to their web counterparts. cTrader Desktop may offer a wider range of technical indicators, charting tools, and order management capabilities, providing traders with more control over their trading strategies.

    Stability and Reliability: Desktop applications are generally more stable and reliable since they run directly on the user's device without relying on internet connectivity or browser compatibility. This can be crucial for active traders who need uninterrupted access to the markets.

    Security: Desktop applications can offer enhanced security features, such as encryption of data stored locally on the user's device. This can help protect sensitive information and assets from unauthorized access or cyber threats.

    Customization: cTrader Desktop often allows for greater customization of the trading interface, enabling traders to tailor the platform to their specific preferences and workflow. This can improve efficiency and usability, especially for experienced traders with complex trading strategies.

    Overall, cTrader Desktop provides traders with a powerful and reliable platform that combines advanced features, performance, and security to support their trading activities effectively.


    Windows & Mac OS Support

    Spotware provides all versions of cTrader, Desktop, Web and Mobile for Windows and Mac Operating systems.