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    What Type of Forex Trader are You?

     The trading world attracts many different personalities ranging from Strategic, Planning, Detailed, Facilitation, Innovative, Spontaneous, independent, Administrative, Social, Value Driven, Accurate, Adventurous, Artistic, Fun-loving and Supportive. Take a look at which one of these categories you fall into and are you cut-out for the pressures of trading the markets.


    Most Successful Traders


    Most Successful Forex Trader


    To be a profitable trader you must overcome these ten things:

    1. You must beat the market benchmark you are competing against or you might was well just buy and hold that index.
    2. You must beat your emotions by following a trading plan.
    3. You must beat your ego by taking losses early when you are proven wrong.
    4. You must beat your greed by managing your position sizing to limit your risk exposure.
    5. You must beat your fears by letting a winning trade run when there is no reason to exit.
    6. You must beat your desire to predict the future by reacting to what price action is actually happening.
    7. You must beat the trader on the other side of your trade.
    8. You have to make enough money to beat your commission costs.
    9. You must not let the market beat you up with too many losses and make you quit.
    10. You must beat the naysayers who think active profitable trading is impossible.


    Moderately Successful


    Moderately Successful Forex Trader

    Moderately Successful Trader Part 2


    Least Successful 


    Least Successful Forex Trader