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    cTrader Automated Trading System (ATS)

    One of the first steps when learning about algorithmic trading is how to use an automated trading system with cTrader, most traders that start using cTrader have migrated from the MT4 or MT5 trading platform which was created by MetaTrader and these traders still refer to an ATS as an Expert Advisor. The correct terminology is an Automated Trading System or (ATS) when using cTrader, Spotware refers to them as a generic term cBot.

    An Automated Trading System is a computer program which automatically interacts with the financial markets to submit and manage orders using predefined trade rules created by the trader.

    The following video tutorial will help anybody who is new to Algorithmic Trading to explain what this type of system can be used when trading the markets.


    cTrader Automated Trading System


    cTrader Automate Video Tutorials

    We also have a complete video series on how to use the automated module of the cTrader trading platform to run your own trading algorithms.


    cTrader Trade Video Tutorials

    We also have a complete video series on how to manually trade using cTrader which goes into detail on all the trading features of the platform which helps new traders to start trading with confidence.