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    cTrader Automated Trading Videos

    Watch our collection of YouTube Videos that will demonstrate how to use the trading systems that we offer on our website as well as how to backtest, optimise and other information related to algorithmic trading.

    These products are for educational purposes to help you understand algorithmic trading. Read our full disclaimer.



    Our Algorithmic Trading School

    Come and visit our free algorithmic trading school where we will help you learn how to create your automated trading robots.


    Our Automated Trading Strategies

    All our cTrader automated trading systems will open, close and manage trades from a pre-defined set of rules written in code and run on a PC or Virtual Private Server (VPS) 24/7.


    Automate Your Manual Strategy

    If you have an idea for an automated trading system then we can help you build your trading robot from your trade rules, just get in touch with us below, you can use your own trading system or one you found on the internet.


    Other Video Tutorials

    You can also watch our other video tutorials by selecting any of the links below.


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