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    Using cTrader & to Backtest Your Robots

     This article will help you understand how to backtest your automated trading strategies, cBots or trading robots using cTrader to give you the confidence of a profitable return. 


    ctrader learn backtesting


    Backtesting is the process of testing an automated trading strategy using historical data to ensure its viability before the trader risks running it on a live account. The trader can simulate the trading of a strategy over a defined period of time and analyse the results for the levels of profitability and risk.

    If the results meet the necessary criteria that are acceptable to the trader, the strategy can then be implemented with some degree of confidence that it will result in profits. If the results are less favourable, the strategy can be modified, adjusted and optimized to achieve the desired results, or it can be completely scrapped.


    watch the ctrader video

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    Duration: 14 minutes


    cTrader How to Backtest Video


    Do You Want More Data For Backtesting?

    Now you can download free market data going back 15-20 years instead of the 2-6 years that your cTrader broker provides.

    Find Out How To Get cTrader Free Historical Market Data


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