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    cTrader Backtesting Overview

    When you backtest using the cTrader trading platform you are simply testing an automated trading system (ATS) or a cBot as it is known with cTrader using historical data, this helps the trader assess the viability of their trading strategy for an estimate on how well it may perform on real live data.


    Why Backtest Your Strategy?

    When a trader creates an automated or semi-automated system that will open, close and manage trades automatically with no human interaction then it is very important that the system follows pre-defined trade rules documented by the trader and that trades are closed in profit and not a loss. Backtesting will offer some confidence that the probability of achieving profit when left alone, but it should never be expected that will offer 100% guaranteed success.


    Video Tutorial

    The following video tutorial will help traders learn how to backtest their automated trading systems or cBots using cTrader's algorithmic engine.


    cTrader Backtesting Video Demo


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    We also have a complete video series on how to use the automated module of the cTrader trading platform to run your own trading algorithms.


    cTrader Trade Video Tutorials

    We also have a complete video series on how to manually trade using cTrader which goes into detail on all the trading features of the platform which helps new traders to start trading with confidence.