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    Code cTrader Indicator Telegram Alerts

    We offer a free online course to teach traders how to code Telegram alerts into any of the cTrader standard indicators using Microsoft C# & .NET 6.0, suitable for beginners and traders with little coding experience.


    How to Code Telegram Forex Alerts


    Course Tutor

    Your course tutor has a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) together with over 15 years of commercial experience writing software for major companies together with over 7 years of experience using the cTrader platform for Algorithmic trading.


    Course Requirements

    Before you start this course make sure you have studied the following sections.


    How to Start The Course?

    When you are ready to start the course you can start to watch the free online video tutorials.


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    Need Help Coding?

    If you need any help converting or creating an automated trading system to be used with the cTrader platform, contact us


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    Convert MT4 Indicators to cTrader

    If you have an MT4 indicator that you wish to convert to cTrader then use our free online tool.