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    Commitment of Traders (COT) Chart Report

    Commitment of Traders (COT) Report charts are another excellent tool for the cTrader platform. It visually represents the data provided in the COT Report. These charts typically display the positions of different categories of traders, such as commercial traders, non-commercial traders (speculators), and non-reportable traders (small traders), in a specific market. Overall, COT Report charts offer traders and investors a visual representation of the positioning and behaviour of various market participants, aiding in decision-making and market analysis.


    The Commitment of Traders (COT) reports offer a detailed breakdown of the open interest recorded every Tuesday across markets where 20 or more traders maintain positions meeting or exceeding the reporting thresholds set by the CFTC. These reports are regularly updated on Fridays at 3 pm CT, providing valuable insights into market dynamics and trader positioning.

    The Line Chart below shows the historical trend of Long, Short, and Net positions over time for each category of traders which helps identify patterns and shifts in trader sentiment.

    Commitment of Traders (COT) Chart Report

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