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    cTrader Frequent Disconnection Fix

    Many traders have reported that the cTrader platform sometimes disconnects, we have found that the issue is usually the trader's Internet Service Provider (ISP) or their hardware like the router. We will show you how to investigate and identify exactly what is causing the problem by showing internet disconnections not related to your trading platform. 


    cTrader Disconnection Fix


    Why Is This Tool Important?

    When you are trading without an internet connection you will be unable to not only submit new trades but also manage existing ones, this can cause a huge financial loss. This is why it is important that your internet connection is both fast and reliable with no drop-outs, if you start experiencing connection drop-outs then you need to correct this as a matter of urgency.


    cTrader tool


    Internet Connection Fix

    If you discover that your internet connection is causing all the problems then read this article