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    cTrader Stack Exchange Programming Community

    We are in the process are creating a programming community for the cTrader trading platform on Stack Exchange, the site is currently living in Area 51 which is the staging site, help us graduate to a full Q&A community.


    Area 51 staging site! Help us graduate to a full Q&A community.



    How Can This Help You?

    How often have you posted a technical programming question on a website and having to wait for an age to get a reply or sometimes not getting a reply at all? 

    If we manage to get through Area-51 staging than you will be able to post your question on the worlds best Question & Answer platforms and get a high-quality answer free of charge, this will allow you to grow and learn to become a competent programmer creating your own automated trading systems and custom indicators for the cTrader trading platform.


    How You Can Make This Happen

    It will take time to grow this community so that it is worthy of joining the Stack Exchange community and for the first 3-6 months it will be on a staging site at Area-51 where all new communities start out, without your help this Q&A community will fail.


    cTrader Stack Exchange Programming Q&A


    What Is Stack Exchange?

    Stack Exchange is a network of question-and-answer websites on topics in diverse fields, each site covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process. 

    Launched in 2010, the Stack Exchange network comprises 173 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn and share their knowledge. Since then, the Stack Exchange network has grown into a top 50 online destination with Stack Overflow alone serving more than 50 million developers every month. 


    Example Stack Exchange Forum

    If you would like to know what an example Stack Exchange Q&A community looks like just click here.