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    How to Create Stealth Orders Using cTrader

    Some traders worry that their broker is hunting stop losses, this is usually a myth, but if you are genuinely worried then you can use the One-Click Trading terminal for the cTrader trading platform to create Stealth Orders where a virtual stop loss and take profit are placed. Your broker will not see them, but when the price touches either the SL or TP, the position will close.


    cTrader Stealth


    What is a Stealth Order?

    A stealth order is simply a market order that has been submitted and filled by your broker, but instead of telling your broker the price of your stop loss or take profit, the system on the trading platform hides these values from the broker.


    How it Works

    Stealth orders work by holding the prices of the orders in the memory of your PC or VPS and not on the broker's servers so that when the symbol price touches the SL or TP price the order closes at the price you set and the broker can never stop-loss hunt.


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