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    How To Optimise Your cTrader cBot

     This article will help you understand how to optimise your automated trading robot or cBot to get the best possible parameters for the symbol you are using to maximise the net profit while at the same time reducing the drawdown (risk). 

     How to optimise a cbot


    cAlgo advanced optimisation functionality lets you find the optimal set of parameters for your cBot. Optimisation runs multiple backtest procedures and compares their performance.


    Strategy Optimisation

    The cAlgo trading platform will allow you to test and optimise your trading strategies (cBots) before using them for live trading. During testing, a cBot with initial parameters is once run on historical data. During optimisation, a trading strategy is run several times with different sets of parameters which allows selecting the most appropriate combination for the best possible results to give you the highest profit with the lowest risk if set correctly.


    How it Works

    Optimisation means multiple runs of the cBot using history data with different sets of parameters, aimed at finding their best combination. During multiple runs, different combinations of the input parameters of the cBot are tested to find the best ones.


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    Do You Want More Data For Backtesting?


    Now you can download free market data going back 15-20 years instead of the 2-6 years that your cTrader broker provides.

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