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    Learn Swing Trading Using cTrader

    A Swing High & Swing Low (SHSL) is when the price action forms multiple candlesticks that are grouped together and considered to be part of one move in a certain direction. The Swing High, Swing Low movement is usually referred to as a move, a ‘leg’ or simply a swing. We call this a swing because it is one piece of price action in a certain direction that is always followed by a swing in the opposite direction.

    last swing high low trading

    A trader that identifies where the last Swing High or Swing Low occurred for a given symbol will have also identified strong support and resistance levels or where the price last reversed, why is this important? Well if you know highest high that the price reached before it reversed you will know that there was a lot of bears at that level that beat the bull. The image below shows what happens with a Swing high, so so you fully understand.

    Swing Trading using cTrader

    • Highest High = Two bars to the left and two bars to the right are lower than the Highest High.
    • Lowest Low = two bars to the left and two bars to the right are higher than the Lowest Low.

    How To Swing Trade On Very Low Time-Frames?

    The trader must act quickly to find situations in which an instrument has the potential to move in such a short time frame. Therefore, swing trading is mainly used by at-home and day traders. We will show you how you can enter trades where the Last Swing High and Low are automatically calculated on time-frames as low as 1 minute, this is very useful for scalpers when the market is moving very fast and placing a stop loss or take profit above or below the swings requires quick action.

    How To Auto-Calculate LSHL On Low Time-Frames

    The cTrader One-Click Trading Terminal software allows you to trade like a professional with the option to dynamically set the stop loss and take profit to the last price swing high and low with the added option to set up Stealth orders.

    Find out More About How to Swing Trade Using the One-Click Trading Terminal

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