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    cTrader Neptune Forex Bundle

    14-Day Refund Option (Read Policy)

    This is a collection of 10 Forex trading robots which use is a black-box fully automated system with an integrated high-impact news event manager. You are provided with a full set of adjustable parameters for optimisation and when you purchase the full collection you get a bulk-sale discount. 14-day trial option available.
    Type: Collection of cTrader cBots
    Version: 2.4.0 - help?

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    Single payment, lifetime updates.

    This trading system is a black-box system, you are provided with a full set of adjustable parameters for optimization. This robot uses 50+ technical indicators which are already built into the trading system so you do not need to install or attach them to the charts.


    Black-Box Trading System for Forex Currency Pairs

    • This technical trading robot will make a perfect addition to your existing portfolio.
    • Your goal is to make a maximum profit with minimum risk and not the number of trades per month.


    Type of Trading System

    As this automated strategy uses many technical indicators, it waits until they all signal the same trend direction and then it starts trading and because of this you will experience periods of what is known as stagnation or no trading. Do not expect it to start trading when you first start the robot, a simple backtest will show you how many trades it will open.


    How to Backtest Your Parameters

    This video will show you how to backtest your robot settings with historical data.

    Duration: 5 minutes - Watch full-screen on YouTube 


    cTrader Neptune Backtest Video


    How to Optimise Your Parameters

    The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD. 

    Duration: 11 minutes - Watch full-screen on YouTube


    cTrader Neptune Optimise Video


    News Release Manager Included Free

    Our best-selling news manager robot has been integrated into all the Neptune trading robots to prevent trading during high-impact news events.


    Save Money If You Purchase All of the Robots Together

    Please note if this product is on sale then the following offer does not apply. 

    If you buy the robots individually the total cost is 10 x £24.99  = £249.00

    If you buy all of them together on this product page the total cost is £149.99.00 - Saving £100.00


    If You Have Already Purchased One Or More Robots?

    If you have already purchased one or more robots and now you want all 10 of them, just let us know and we will send you a discount voucher for the amount you already paid so you can use this to purchase the complete collection of trading robots.

    Example calculation:

    1. Customer purchases 1 robot @ £24.99
    2. They are very happy with the results and want to purchase the other 8 robots
    3. We will provide a discount voucher worth £24.99
    4. Customer purchases the other 10 robots for £125.00


    Purchase the Neptune Trading Robots Separately

    The 10 trading robots are listed below together with 1 year backtest results using accurate TICK DATA.

    You can purchase the robots separately for £24.99 each or as a bundle pack for £149.99, saving £100.00 

    1. EURUSD TRADING ROBOT  22% balance increase with 6.32% balance drawdown. 
    2. GBPUSD TRADING ROBOT  31% balance increase with 2.08% balance drawdown. 
    3. AUDUSD TRADING ROBOT  48% balance increase with 2.78% balance drawdown. 
    4. CADJPY TRADING ROBOT  18% balance increase with 1.96% balance drawdown. 
    5. GBPCHF TRADING ROBOT  34% balance increase with 0.00% balance drawdown.
    6. USDCHF TRADING ROBOT  25% balance increase with 4.38% balance drawdown. 
    7. EURGBP TRADING ROBOT  24% balance increase with 4.20% balance drawdown. 
    8. USDJPY TRADING ROBOT  43% balance increase with 2.92% balance drawdown. 
    9. EURJPY TRADING ROBOT  16% balance increase with 2.99% balance drawdown.
    10. CHFJPY TRADING ROBOT  60% balance increase with 1.98% balance drawdown.


    Turbo Boost

    We have added an additional parameter to allow you to turn on Turbo Boost and if you select "Yes" the trading system will boost the net profit and the number of trades, this can provide a much higher return of profits, but at the same time it may also increase your risk, we advise that you experiment.

    Depending on your settings, sometimes this does not work, so leave it switched off.


    How To Run Your Own Backtests

    Running your own backtests is very simple and we have created a video just for this robot.


    Free Optimisation Updates

    We will optimise the settings for this trading robot free of charge every 4-months so that this system adapts to the changing market cycles.


    Optimisation The Trading System Yourself

    We provide you with over 60 settings that you can use to run cTrader's optimization service to get even better results yourself.

    The Markets move in cycles and if you start to see the system performing badly, just re-optimize. 


    Our Optimisation Service

    We also offer an additional service to provide you with optimised settings.


    User Settings Explained

    Visit our product support knowledgebase for more information on the robot's adjustable user settings. We provide example robot settings in the product download file, you will need to find your own settings that match your personal views of risk vs reward which is defined by net profit and drawdown.


    cTrader Neptune Chat Group


    Additional Currency Symbol Settings

    If you are looking for more currency symbols other than the 10 we provide then the dedicated Neptune group of traders above have created their own settings.


    Neptune User Manual

    If you need help with installation and how to use this product, visit the support page.


    How To Install

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install it onto the platform.


    Instant Chat Support

    If you want a speedy reply to your questions just post your questions on our Telegram chat group.


    How To Download Trial?

    We offer a 14-day trial for all of our products, to download a trial of any of the 10 robots, just visit the relevant product page by clicking on the links above.

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    maria | 23/06/2018 10:24
    Worth Every Euro I Paid for them
    These robots are a great addition to my existing bots and now I see my trades closing with profit I am very excited 😊
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    mohamed | 23/08/2020 19:27
    Incredible Collection of Robots
    I purchased these trading EA's thinking they were like the others I have tried, but very surprised on the results, the reason for giving this 5-star review is mostly the support I have been getting on both the chat groups which really helps me understand how to use this system. Having a bunch of other traders to chat to who are using this robot really helps me, so my view is for the price its well worth it.
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