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    NinjaTrader Guardian Angel Protection

    The NinjaTrader Guardian Angel Account Protection is an all-in-one tool to stop overtrading, automatically close trades and inform you via instant Telegram messages when your account or trades are at risk.

    This unique software serves as your dedicated trading aide on your PC, executing a variety of automated tasks. These include setting off alarms for account and trade activities, implementing account lock-outs, and notifying you when your account is in jeopardy. Moreover, it can autonomously close positions to shield you from financial losses. It even offers the flexibility to choose between pips or ticks when engaging in futures trading.


    NinjaTrader Guardian Angel Protection


    The Dashboard

    The Guardian Angel Dashboard, shown above has some useful information to help you monitor your risk and potential profits. It provides account status at a glance with profit and loss for the day and multiple options to display your margin. The Trade Status shows the number of winning and losing trades, unrealized net profit and the ratio between winning and losing trades, this can be displayed in pips or ticks.

    The Equity display shows the current account equity together with the percentage difference between your account equity and balance and one of the most useful features is the Drawdown Risk widget that will show your current account drawdown with all losing trades.


    Account Protection

    The account protection panel will allow you to pre-configure events when your margin drops below a set percentage, your drawdown has exceeded a defined value, or you are losing more than you wish to risk, plus many more much-needed protection events.


    NinjaTrader Account Protection


    Trade Protection

    The Trade Protection panel focuses on your market trades and will automatically close trades when your account balance is at risk, it will also send instant alerts to your PC or mobile phone when any trade is winning or losing more than your pre-defined settings.


    Account Lock-Out Feature

    A useful feature of this product is the ability to prevent you from submitting new orders when one of the alarm events occurs, this stops overtrading and your emotions taking over which is one of the main factors while traders lose.


    Watch a Video Demo

    If you want to look at the NinjaTrader Risk Management Tool, watch this video demonstration.


    NinjaTrader Risk Manager Video