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    NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant

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    The NinjaTrader Risk Manager is a personal trading assistant for your PC that will carry out any number of automated actions such as account and trade activity alarms, it will inform you when your account is at risk and even close positions automatically to protect you against financial loss. Option for pips or ticks for futures trading.
    Type: NinjaTrader 8 Add-On for Windows
    Current version: 2.7.0
    Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2023
    Author: ClickAlgo Team

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    The NinjaTrader Alarm Manager is a Personal Trading and Risk Management Assistant for your PC or VPS that will carry out any number of automated actions such as managing positions, sending emails, Telegram Bot broadcasts, and Voice alerts and pop-up messages. Traders can create rule-based alarms which trigger any number of actions. The software can notify the trader about events, and carry out trading actions such as closing existing positions.


    How to Install Add-on


    NinjaTrader Alarm Manager Dashboard

    The dashboard should be able to provide you with all the information at a glance to assist your trading, you do not need to start the alarm monitor to view the information. It includes an account overview and trade activity status and the most important piece of information you will need the Drawdown gauge.


    "This is the Perfect Risk Management Tool"

    "We provide a 2nd license for you to use on another PC or your VPS"


     Ninjatrader Risk Manager


    Dashboard User Guide

    The dashboard window provides in-depth information to the traders when they need it most.

    * The user guide is for the cTrader version, but the explanation of the features is the same apart from the additional information below.


    Margin Requirements

    The NinjaTrader Risk manager has various options for displaying your margin, trading margins represent a deposit with the broker to protect both the trader and broker against possible losses on an open trade.

    • Intraday Margin - The intraday Margin describes the minimum balance an account must maintain per contract while it is in a trade.
    • The initial Margin - also known as the Exchange Margin, is set by the respective exchange and represents the amount required to hold a position into the next trading session.
    • Maintenance Margins - also known as Exchange Margin, it is a set minimum margin (per outstanding futures contract) that a trader must maintain on positions carried longer than one day.
    • Excess Margin - Excess margin can be defined as the amount of equity in a brokerage account above the minimum margin requirements.


    Trading Futures?

    If you trade futures then you can change from pips to ticks in the settings tab so that this value is shown on the dashboard window and trade notifications.


    Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    Why not leave it running 24/7 365 days a year on your Virtual Private Server (VPS) so you are always protected?


    Account Alarms

    The account alarms tab allows you to configure alerts and notifications when certain account events occur. Some of the alerts are listed below and are self-explanatory. Each event can be turned on or off, you can configure the parameters for the event and what action to take.


    NinjaTrader Account Alarms


    Alert Event Options

    • (Do Nothing)
    • A pop-up message displays a pop-up box on the screen with the alert, you will need to close the message when you have read it.
    • Email message, this will send you an email that you configured in the settings tab with details of the account event.
    • Telegram Bot, will send you a FREE Instant message to your telegram bot.
    • Voice alert, a voice in English will be heard telling you of the account event that has just occurred.
    • Close Position, Closes a single position when for example it is 20 pips in profit.
    • Close all positions, this will close all open positions when an event occurs
    • Close winning positions will close only winning positions
    • Close losing positions will close only losing positions.



    Net profit loss and account equity drops must be negative values as shown above in red.


    Account Alarms User Guide

    More information on how to use the Account Alarms can be found on the link below, all the features are the same as the cTrader Guardian Angel product.



    The application will allow you to change any of the Alert Messages to your custom format and language. All Voice Alerts are easily located through the application and are all in English, you can replace these files with your custom sound files.


     NinjaTrader Alert Messages

    "By changing the message and voices you can personalize the application to suit your country of origin."


    Activated Voice Alerts

    Account and Trade activity voice alerts can be very useful when you are multitasking; sometimes having a friendly voice can be very useful.


    Trade Activity Alarms

    There are 8 events for the trade activity alarms, you can turn each one on or off and they all share the same Alarm Events.


    NinjaTrader Trade Activity Alerts


    Trade Activity Alerts User Guide

    The account alerts window will allow you to configure how you wish to manage your risk.


    Alarm Manager Settings

    This section will allow you to test your email settings with NinjaTrader, connect to your accounts, set up the Telegram services to receive instant messages, and test it works by entering your mobile number and other general settings.


    NinjaTrader Risk Manager Settings


    Settings User Guide

    There are various settings for the NinjaTrader Risk Management Protection Software as shown above.

    * The user guide is for the cTrader version, but the explanation of the features is the same apart from the additional information below.


    NinjaTrader Accounts

    As NinjaTrader can have multiple brokers' feeds the required account needs to be selected from the settings window as shown above.

    * The memory management feature is not included in the NinjaTrader version.


    Watch a Video Introduction

    The video has been uploaded to 1440p High Quality, so do not forget to set your YouTube video quality to 1440p HD. 

    Duration: 14-minutes

    Watch the video tutorial


    How To Install The NinjaTrader Add-On

    The link below will open a YouTube video and show you a tutorial on how to install the Add-On into the NinjaTrader platform.

    Watch the Video Tutorial for Instructions on How to Install an Add-On

    Official NinjaTrader Installation Guide


    NinjaTrader ClickAlgo Software

    Find out more about the NinjaTrader 8 Trading Platform


    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions, please first search our product help forum for the answer, if you cannot find it, post a new question.