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    Pay Your Coding Fee

    Read our (Refund Policy)

    The Pay Your Coding Fee page is for customers to pay for a development service provided by for project work to create a custom indicator, automated trading system (cBot) or other trading software. Brokers and companies can also purchase vouchers for future project work.
    Read the page below before paying.
    (OS) Type: Windows Compatible
    Current version: 1.0
    Updated: Thursday, 11 January 2024
    Author: Aieden Tech

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    Educational content: Read our disclaimer

    The price must be the same as quoted by the development team.

    Make sure your billing address is valid.

    This payment is for the development of Trading Software based on the requirements from an email that you sent to our development team. The total price includes requirements gathering, development, back-testing, forward testing and bug fixing. Please pay by adding the product to the shopping cart and checking out and once the payment is complete we will commence work on your project, the actual delivery date of the project may be later than the estimated delivery date.


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    Payment Options

    You can pay using any major Credit or Debit Card, or Bitcoin.

    Payment is always made before we start working on your project.


    Terms of Service

    Once payment is made you automatically agree to our programming Terms of Service agreement.


    Refund Policy

    Please also read our refund policy, it protects you the customer and us the company from any abuse of the services.


    Backtesting the Strategy

    Price includes back-testing with different instruments and time-frames and a minimum of 1 day(s) of testing on our test server with a demo account. Please note that there will be iterations of deliverables during the testing phase until the final version, so the actual final date before it is complete may be longer.

    Free 28-Day Warranty

    We offer a free bug-fixing warranty valid for 28 days after each product delivery is made to the customer. If the customer does not report any bugs or issues with their project within the warranty period, it will expire.


    Common Questions?

    If you have any questions before you pay for this service please read our programming FAQs page.


    Reward Points

    You can also accumulate reward points when you pay for the custom development service, 1 point is equivalent to a virtual £1 to spend on the ClickAlgo web store, we provide 1 point for every £10 spent, so a quote of £200 gives you a virtual discount of £20 to buy a product from our website.


    What is the cTrader Coding Service

    cTrader offers excellent charting tools for manual trading, making it an ideal platform for beginners exploring mechanical trading. Its user-friendly interface provides a gentle introduction to the otherwise daunting world of trading. Moreover, cTrader is well-suited for those venturing into algorithmic development, with a dedicated programming platform that enables strategy creation, testing, and execution in a safe environment.


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