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    How to Sell cTrader Indicators & cBots

    Join our vendor program and make money by selling your cTrader indicators and cBots on our website marketplace, we do all the marketing and sale for you. We are the leading cTrader software solution provider and experienced in web marketing to give your product maximum exposure on the web which will increase your chances of many sales.


    Sell cTrader cBots & Indicators


    How Does It Work?

    If you have a unique and useful cTrader indicator or cBot that you own and if you wish to start selling it to other cTrader users then you can publish the product on our website marketplace which has many visitors, this will increase the exposure and get your product noticed, it will also increase the chance that it will be sold.


    Why Use ClickAlgo's Marketplace?

    We have over 7 years of experience selling cTrader trading software and we know how to get a product noticed in a Google search as well as social media channels, the main benefit is our client base, we have over 12000+ registered customers on our website as of 2022, this is a big benefit for anyone who wants their product noticed.


    How We Pay You

    There is no minimum amount, we pay for all sales that are older than the 14-day cooling-off period each Friday, this is because we also offer the option to use our remote licensing system, so we can also offer refunds.


    Trusted Seller

    We have built up a reputation in the community as a company you can trust, this means you as the vendor will trust us in selling your product and the customer will trust us to buy your products. We offer customers both a 14-day trial and a 14-day refund.


    Sell cTrader cBots


    Getting Started

    If you already have a product you wish to sell then get in touch with us by completing the vendor application form at the bottom of the vendor program page, also, send us a trial copy of your product for review.