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    cTrader Time Price Opportunity (TPO)

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    The Time Price Opportunity indicator more commonly known as TPO, is a tool used in market analysis, specifically in the field of auction market theory. It is commonly associated with the analysis of market profile charts. The TPO indicator is often used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools to analyze market behavior, identify key levels, and make trading decisions
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    The Time Price Opportunity indicator represents the distribution of price over a specified time period as it organizes market data based on price and time, this provides insights to traders on how prices behave at different levels. The indicator displays horizontal bars or letters on a chart, representing the amount of time price spent at specific price levels. TPO is the basic concept of the Market Profile and the first time it was applied by Peter Steidlmayer

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    cTrader TPO Indicator


    How to Use The TPO Indicator

    Using TPO (Time Price Opportunity) indicators involves analyzing market profile charts to gain insights into price behaviour and potential trading opportunities, below are some giveaways to help you get started:

    1. Understand the Basics of TPOs: Familiarize yourself with the concept of TPOs and how they are represented on the chart where each letter or bar corresponds to a specific price level and indicates the amount of time spent at that level. The height or width of the TPO represents the volume of trading activity at that price level.

    2. Identify Key Levels and Value Areas: Analyze the TPO distribution to identify key price levels and areas of value, you will find that the value areas are regions where price spent a significant amount of time, indicating areas of support or resistance. These areas can help you identify potential trading opportunities.

    3. Look for Price-Volume Discrepancies: Pay attention to areas where price and volume diverge where a significant volume of trading activity occurs at a specific price level but the price has not moved much, this could indicate a potential imbalance between buyers and sellers. 

    4. Combine other Analysis Tools: TPO indicators are often used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools to confirm trading signals, it may be worth adding other indicators such as moving averages, oscillators, or trend lines to support your TPO analysis and strengthen your trading decisions.

    5. Practice and Refine Your Analysis: Like any trading tool, using TPO indicators effectively requires practice and experience, you can start by analyzing historical charts to understand how TPOs interact with price action. 


    TPO Indicator Letters


    Online Resources on TPO Trading

    You can find many resources online to help you learn how to use the TPO indicator effectively.

    The late J. Peter Steidlmayer, the creator of Market Profile, had a blog where he shared his insights and analysis on market profiles and TPO trading, his blog contains valuable information for traders interested in this approach. -> Visit

    The website Auction Market Theory focuses on market profiles and TPO trading. It offers educational resources, articles, and examples of TPO analysis to help traders understand the concepts and apply them in their trading.

    Visit online trading communities, such as forums, subreddits, or social media groups focused on trading, these communities often have discussions and resources related to TPO trading, where you can learn from experienced traders and exchange ideas.


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