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    Trading Central Technical Analysis

    Trading Central

    Trading Central is a global leader in market analysis and technology innovation, they provide a unique tool that is integrated into the cTrader trading platform for certain brokers. They help traders find and confirm new opportunities and time their trades for the perfect entry price.


    Award-winning insights for the cTrader platform

    As far back as 2016, the cTrader platform integrated Trading Centrals market data to help traders identify the potential entry, take profit and stop-loss levels. The tool is simple to use and will allow quick and easy submission of orders complete with automated risk and profit management.


    Video Tutorial

    This is part 9. of the video series tutorials.

    * Video length: 6-minutes


    Complete cTrader Video Tutorials

    If you are fairly new to the cTrader platform we have an online user guide and hands-on video tutorials to help you.