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    Financial Widgets

    We offer free data analysis widgets powered by TradingView and viewed with your web browser, these widgets provide free real-time market data.

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    Free Financial Analytical Tools

    Financial Analytical Tools

    The Free Financial Analytical Application for Windows provides the best TradingView widgets displayed on your screen for market analysis, it includes a powerful Advanced Real-Time Chart for trade setups, a Forex and Crypto Market Screener, Economic Calendar, Technical Analysis for major Forex pairs, HeatMap and a CrossRate screen. Also included is quick access to Position size & Risk of Ruin Calculators.
    cTrader Forex Floating Market Trading Clocks

    cTrader Market Trading Clocks

    The cTrader Floating Market Trading Clock Widgets comprises of 19 different time zones that can be positioned anywhere on or off the charts that will allow you to choose the timezone that suits your trading hours, each clock has a signal when the trading market is open. It includes your local & server time so you can trade when candles close without having to look at the bottom of the chart at the small platform time.
    cTrader Forex Account Information Panel

    cTrader Profit & Loss Dashboard

    The cTrader Profit & Loss Dashboard Widget is part of the professional trading components collection that gives you a unique view of your account information including daily profit targets, spread and buyers and sellers breakdown for each symbol. The user interface is clean and simple so you can make decisions at a glance.
    cTrader Free Forex Heat Map Widget

    cTrader Heat Map Widget

    The purpose of the cTrader Forex Heat Map Panel is to provide a graphical presentation of the relative strengths of major currencies relative to others. All the majors are shown and updated dynamically for you, a pop-up panel is displayed which can be dragged anywhere on your monitor.
    cTrader Forex Screener

    cTrader Web Screener Widget

    The purpose of the Forex Screener is to allow you to filter instruments based on fundamental data and various technical indicators, this tool offers custom filters on the data columns and lets you change display modes by selecting either a symbol list or a toolbar mode.
    Picture of cTrader Cross-Rate Web Widget

    cTrader Cross-Rate Web Widget

    The purpose of the Forex Cross-rates web widget is to allow you to display real-time quotes of all the major currencies in comparison to the other major currencies at a glance.
    Tradingview Charting Tool for cTrader

    TradingView Charting Tool

    There has been an interest for cTrader users to be able to use TradingViews charting capabilities within the cTrader environment to submit orders and use all the trading features and submit the orders directly to their cTrader broker. This web-based charting tool will allow you to analyse the markets using advanced charting and submit your orders using cTraders advanced order management.
    cTrader Crypto Screener Widget

    Crypto Web Screener Widget

    The Crypto Screener is powered by TradingView and built for any trading platform to allow traders the ability to filter instruments based on various technical and fundamental data to identify with a quick glance the best-performing Cryptocurrencies that are currently available. This is an excellent free tool for any trader who is involved in the Crypto markets.
    cTrader Symbol Overview Widget

    Symbol Overview Web Widget

    The cTrader Symbol Overview Widget shows an in-depth overview for single or multiple assets, it displays the latest quotes in a simple chart with important fundamental fields, this is a great tool to see how the market winners and losers. Packaged as a cTrader cBot and powered by TradingView, you will be happy with the amount of graphical data that you will see in a single glance.
    cTrader Social Network StockTwits

    cTrader StockTwits Trading Widget

    This unique and powerful social media tool brings together all traders both experienced and new to share their thoughts on the financial markets for individual symbols. This is a StockTwits Widget packaged up into a cTrader cBot and provided for free.
    cTrader Forex Sentiment Widget

    cTrader Sentiment Web Widget

    This is a Forex technical market analysis sentiment widget integrated into a single window to give traders a unique view of the market. We have brought together TradingView's powerful market analysis tool for all Forex majors.