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    ClickAlgo Review with the cTrader Broker Varianse

    ClickAlgo had a recent interview with the premier cTrader Varianse regarding automated trading using the cTrader platform and the subject was how trading robots can help with repetitive tasks and how to use Microsoft C# to create your own trading systems and custom indicators.


    ClickAlgo Review with Varianse


    Who is Varianse

    Varianse is one of the top 5 cTrader brokers that started in 2015, VARIANSE is the creation of former engineers and traders from the world's top banks and their goal is to provide institutional trading services and market research available online for all traders who use the cTrader platform. 


    What the Interview Covers

    In the interview with Varianse, you will discover how ClickAlgo started, why we chose the cTrader platform instead of others like MT4, why we focus on algorithmic trading and why we see this as the future and how to easily convert MT4 indicators and EA's across to cTrader.


    Need Help Coding Your cBots?

    If you need any help automating your manual trading strategies or you have an idea for a trading robot, contact our development team for a quick quote, we can also help to convert your indicators from MT4.