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    Web Push Notifications - Discounts & Updates

    To improve our customer support we are now using web push notifications to inform users when a product is on sale or when an existing product has been released with new features, we found using the conventional email channel, many customers would not read the email and miss out on downloading the latest product update or a short term sale offer.

    ClickAlgo Web Push Notifications


    What is a Web Notification

    When we want to inform one of our customers with an important piece of news we can send it to all the customers who have subscribed and a small popup window will appear on their web browser window, this feature will make sure our customers get the best possible service from us.

    ClickAlgo Web Alert Example


    Types of Notifications

    We will only send notifications with an important event and we will never send spammy messages, you can expect no more than 5 per month, the types of notification events are shown below.

    • Special offer on a product.
    • New free products that we just published.
    • Product updates with new features.
    • Important news about cTrader.
    • Any other critical news that our customers need to be aware of.


    How to Subscribe

    You have two options to subscribe to these notifications, one is to accept a popup window that will show when you have visited the site a few times and the other is to click on the red alarm icon on the bottom right of the web page, this button will allow you to both subscribe and unsubscribe anytime you want.

    ClickAlgo Subscribe Welcome

     Subscribe cTrader Alerts


    How to Unsubscribe

    You have various methods to unsubscribe from receiving web notifications and they are all easy to do, the most simple method is to click on the alert icon again and choose Unsubscribe.