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    Software Solutions for the cTrader Platform

    Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your trading requirements with the assistance of streamlined software solutions. We primarily develop our programs using the Microsoft C# Programming Language, ensuring that the software is user-friendly, customizable, and readily adaptable. Below, you will find an overview of the types of applications we create for our valued clients.


    In addition to financial software, we offer a development service, education and cTrader support.

    ClickAlgo Team Members


    Algorithmic Strategy Building Tools

    Discover the Algo Strategy Builder—a robust solution empowering traders to craft, assess, and implement personalized algorithmic trading strategies grounded in technical analysis through the utilization of various indicators. Unleash the potential of your trading endeavours with this powerful tool. No coding experience is required, it will auto-generate Microsoft C# code for you.



    Technical & Market Indicators

    We offer or can build technical & market indicators, these are quantitative tools to analyze financial data and predict future movements in the financial markets. These indicators serve as valuable tools for interpreting market trends. 

    We are also developing machine learning (ML) indicators for more accurate signals.


    cTrader Technical Indicator


    Trade Order Panels

    Trade order panels are very useful for displaying important information not provided by the trading platform, they can also be used for scalping terminals to more complex order submissions with advanced Risk management. We also offer simple risk tools that can help you with any scenario.


    trade manager


    Risk Management 

    We have many free and paid risk management tools for the cTrader platform, from a risk & reward tool charting to a support & resistance indicator with real-time Telegram alerts to your mobile phone. If you have your own idea of a tool to manage your risk, please contact our development team.


    risk manager


    Risk & Reward Charting Tool

    Currently for the cTrader platform the most popular charting tool to manage your risk is the Risk & Reward tool.


    cTrader Risk & Reward Tool

    Trade Assistants

    Our cTrader trade assistants are designed to address the everyday challenges encountered by traders, we have developed or can develop various trading tools tailored to your specific trading and investing requirements.


    trader helpers


    Utility Software 

    Not all the software we provide is based on trading and risk management, we also provide utility applications to convert free market data to be used with the cTrader platform, trade copy software, Telegram configuration and testing tool, platform memory manager and Commitments of Traders (CoT) Software.


    ctrader data converter


    Experimental Software

    We also research and develop systems that we feel will be used in the future, one product which is yet to be popular is the Voice Recognition Robot. If you would like us to develop this further please contact our sales.


    voice recognition forex trading


    Our products and services are for educational use only and should not be considered financial advice. Trading and Investing Activities are Inherently Risky, and Users of Our Material Should Be Prepared to Incur Losses in Connection with Such Activities.