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    Code Snippets with Visual Studio

    Do you ever find yourself writing the same piece of code over and over and you keep saying to yourself that I really need to do something about it, if this is true, then you are at the right place?. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio, then you already have the tools at hand to accomplish this very easily. With an extension called Code Snippet Studio which you can install onto the IDE of Visual Studio, your life is about to become a whole lot easier. When you open the studio window you are shown the image below.

    cTrader - Visual Studio 2015 Code Snippets


    Easily Insert your Code Snippets

    From within visual studio, you can easily choose from any of your library of common code snippets that you use for algorithmic trading into your source code, saving you time. we have put together a video showing you how to get all setup and start using your own code snippets.


    Watch the Video for Full Details

    Watch a Video Explainer