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    cTrader Moving Average Colors Indicator

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    This version of the cTrader Moving Average Indicator simply allows you to set the colour of the bullish and bearish line so that you can visually see where the trend is going.
    Type: cTrader Indicator
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: Tuesday, 10 May 2022

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    The cTrader moving average is a very popular indicator that is used in technical analysis and it helps smooth out price action by filtering out the “noise” from short-term price changes. Most traders use it as a trend-following or lagging indicator because it is based on past prices. This version of the indicator is different as it shows visually the trend in different colors.


     cTrader Moving Average Colors



    Indicator Settings

    In the settings window for the indicator, you can adjust the MA and choose up to 7-different moving average types.


    ma colors


    How To Install

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install onto the platform.


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    Indicator TypeMarket Trend, Momentum