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    cTrader Polynomial Regression Indicator

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    This cTrader Polynomial Regression Channel (PRC) indicator is used to fade the direction of the market. The basic trading strategy is to buy when the price enters the lower band region or sell when the price hits the upper band. Traders will take profits at the middle band but an aggressive trader might hold out and expect the market to hit the other band. Repainting type indicator
    Type: cTrader Indicator for Windows
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Updated: Monday, 24 October 2022
    Author: ClickAlgo Team

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    A linear regression indicator draws a straight line of best fit on a chart. The PRC indicator applies a polynomial function to the linear regression function to adapt itself to the flow of market prices. Since they are regression bands that self adjust for volatility. We have modified this indicator to display on the screen the buy and sell signals when the symbol price is between the upper and lower channels.



    Polynomial Regression Channel (RTX) Polynomial Regression Channel (PRC) is an RTX Extension indicator that draws a best fit n-degree polynomial regression line through a recent period of data. Setup parameters for the indicator include the degree of the polynomial (1 - 6) and the number of bars to analyze.


     Adjustable Indicator Settings

    This indicator has some extra settings to make life easier for the trader to manually trade.


     cTrader PRC Indicator Settings



    • Show copyright info. - displays a message on the screen showing developer.
    • Show trade signal - displays a signal on the screen for trade entry and exit.
    • Signal chart position - allows you to set the location for the trade signal text.

    Indicator Settings

    • Degree - Degree of the polynomial (1 - 6)
    • Period - this is the period for the indicator.
    • Inner band deviation - the inner dotted line deviation from the centre PRC line.
    • Outer band deviation - the outer dotted line deviation from the centre PRC line.


    • Mid-range - this is the centre PRC line.
    • Sell lower - this is the lower sell band.
    • Sell upper - this is the upper sell band.
    • Buy upper - this is the buy upper band.
    • Buy lower - this is the buy lower band.


    How to Trade Using This Indicator

    The upper and lower channel lines contain between themselves either 68% of all prices.

    If a deviation value of 1 is used the channel should contain 95% of all prices.

    If a deviation of 2 or above is used then the prices should break outside of the channels indicating one of the following.


    Polynomial Regression Channel Buy Signal

    When the price falls below the lower channel line, a buy signal is usually triggered.


    Polynomial Regression Channel Sell Signal

    An opportunity for selling occurs when prices break above the upper channel line.

    Other confirmation signs like prices closing back inside the linear regression channel could be used to initiate buy or sell orders. Also, other technical indicators should be used to confirm.


    Trend Reversals

    When price closes outside of the Polynomial Regression Channel for long periods of time, this is often interpreted as an early signal that the past price trend may be breaking and a significant reversal might be near. Polynomial Regression Channels are quite useful technical analysis charting tools. In addition to identifying trends and trend direction, the use of standard deviation gives traders ideas as to when prices are becoming overbought or oversold relative to the long term trend.


    Watch a Video Demonstration

    The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD. 

    Duration: 7 minutes


    cTrader Polynomial Regression Video


    How To Install

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install onto the platform.


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