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cTrader User Manual

If you need help in using the cTrader trading platform then click on the links below where we have everything you need to get started.

You can view online or download the cTrader user manual as a PDF, this manual was created by the broker FXPro.

View or Download The cTrader User Manual


Take a look at the help & support page by the creators of the platform (Spotware), here you will find information and videos to help you get started.

Visit the Help & Support Page


cTrader cBots (Automated Robots)

 ctrader robot trading forex

 To help traders who are new to cBots just click on the link below where we have information and a video tutorial to help to use robots created by us.


What Is a cBot?

A cBot is another word for an automated trading system, this term is used by Spotware who are the creators of the cTrader trading platform, we use cBots to launch our cTrader Add-On products, many of which are not automated trading systems, but instead can be anything to enhance the platform with features like our Professional Trading Widgets.

The MT4 trading platform uses the term Expert Advisor or EA, this is only used with the MetaTrader trading platform and is also just another word for an automated trading system, this word not industry standard and when using the cTrader trading platform the term cBot should be used.


Different Types of cBots

We offer two different types of cBots, one is for automated trading systems and the other is professional trading software using Add-Ons.


How To Install & Run a cTrader cBot

 To install a cBot that you downloaded from us, simply unzip the file and double click on it, the file will be moved to a folder on your computer where cTrader can read it, please note that nothing is actually installed on your computer, it just copies the file to a different location, you can delete this file and remove it at any time from within cTrader.


Watch a Video Explanation

The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD.