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    cTrader Market Signals

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    This cTrader Forex Market Signals indicator by Starfield Trading is derived from Dynamic RSI, Bollinger bands and trend signal to provide the perfect signals for manual trading or even to incorporate into an automated trading system. Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal.
    Type: Collection of cTrader Indicators
    Current version: 2.1
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: 30 June 2022

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    When the conditions are met, the indicator sends an e-mail alert about market buy/sell conditions and draws a signal arrow over the graphic indicator. Market Signals indicator provides a solution to this problem by creating a buy and a sell limit that change depending on the standard deviation (volatility) of the relative strength index, RSI, indicator. We have added additional features to allow you to receive an instant signal alert via an email or telegram message direct to your mobile phone at no extra cost. By recognizing past trends the Dynamic RSI is able to predict approaching trends with great accuracy and set the levels accordingly.


    cTrader Forex Market Signals

    The movement of the RSI is derived from price and tries to eliminate some of the “noise” of the market and it succeeds to do so. If you pay attention to other stuff (like the angle of the channel created by the bands or support and resistance levels), you can incorporate this indicator into a successful strategy. To eliminate the most false signals, this indicator uses signals provided from Bollinger Bands, Time Series Moving Average and HULL Moving Average. 


    Market Squeeze & Ranging

    When the price is ranging and there is a market squeeze happening as shown below the signals will not be so accurate, so it is best to ignore them. The orange-coloured text denotes that the price is ranging.


    Theme Option

    If you choose a white or black chart background you will need to select the correct theme in the settings, black or white.


    Pop Up Message Alert

    Traders can also configure the indicator to display a popup message when there is a bullish or bearish trade signal on the charts.


    cTrader Trade Alerts


    Telegram & Email Signal Alerts

    You can receive either an email or instant Telegram message direct to your PC or mobile phone the moment this indicator shows a signal to enter a trade.


    ctrader telegram


    Conditions for the Alert Signals

    The following conditions must be true to send a buy signal alert, the reverse applies to sell signals:

    1. Main Trend: Bullish
    2. Bollinger Bands: Bullish.
    3. RSI: Bullish.


    How To Install & Open

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install it onto the platform.

    Remember, this is an Indicator.


    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions, please first search our product help forum for the answer, if you cannot find it, post a new question.


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