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    Forex Trading - Talent vs Hard Work

    Many traders start out thinking they have the talent to trade Forex and they will be able to identify patterns in the charts or data to identify trade opportunities, there are few people who can trade with natural talent and the most of us have to work hard to build a formula that works for us.


    Forex Trader With Talent


    The BBC published an article about an online Forex trader called Ashley who is consistently making £200,000 per year and he is only 20 years old, he has been trading for 4-years as from the date of this article and sometimes only works 2-hours a day.


    As many of you are aware this industry is very difficult to make money and there is a high percentage of traders that lose, but why is it that some people have a natural talent to trade?



    We do not know the real story behind Ashley's success, it has been published on reputable news websites which make it more believable, but our view at ClickAlgo is that a trader must go through their apprenticeship to learn the industry and the instruments they trade and to not look at it as a get-rich-quick scheme, but instead a long term business.


    How to be a Consistent Trader

    There are many factors why traders lose, some of them are greed, fear and a reactive behavioural pattern, some people can control this with cold logic and these are the ones that succeed.


    Types of Traders

    There are different types of traders, some like Ashley has a natural talent and the most need to work hard for the same results, this is in comparison to a sports individual, for example, a footballer, some footballers are born with the talent to play and some have to train really hard and still they will be far from the real talented footballers, this is not saying that with hard work someone could become a good footballer.


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