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    Pay for Source Code

    Non-Refundable (Read Policy)

    If you have spoken to the development or sales team and been quoted a price for the full source code of a product on our website, you can pay here. Please note that after payment we will send you the source code via email or add the product to your account downloads. Read the page below before paying.
    (OS) Type: Windows Compatible
    Current version: 1.0
    Updated: Tuesday, 12 March 2024
    Author: ClickAlgo Team

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    Educational content: Read our disclaimer

    The price must be the same as quoted by the development team.

    Make sure your billing address is valid.

    The development team or sales will provide the price you need to enter in the price box, if you have not yet contacted sales please do this first before you checkout and pay. Do not purchase this product until you have spoken with the sales team and we have provided a quote for the code.


    Payment Options

    You can pay using any major Credit, Debit Card, or Bitcoin.

    Payment is always made before we send the product with the source code.


    Terms of Service

    Once payment is made, you automatically agree to our source code Terms of Service agreement.


    Refund Policy


    Free 28-Day Warranty

    We offer a free bug-fixing warranty valid for 28 days, and If the customer does not report any bugs or issues with their product within the warranty period, it will expire.


    Help & Reporting Bugs?

    If you need help or you feel there is a bug, please report them on the support forum.


    Reward Points

    You can also accumulate reward points when you pay for the custom development service, 1 point is equivalent to a virtual £1 to spend on the ClickAlgo web store, and we provide 1 point for every £10 spent, so a quote of £200 gives you a virtual discount of £20 to buy a product from our website.


    cTrader Coding Service

    We also offer a coding service to help you add new features to your indicator or cBot.


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