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    cTrader Platform Overview Video

    Over the past year of 2019 here has been many updates to the cTrader trading platform with new features added and adjustments made as voted by the growing community. We are very happy that there is a lot of momentum in making this the no.1 trading tool in the world for retail traders.


    cTrader Windows Desktop

    The video overview relates to cTrader Desktop version 3.7 which is the windows version, there is also available a Web and Mobile version, but these videos will only cover the Windows Desktop installation.


    Video Overview

    This is part 1. of the video series on how to use the cTrader platform and we start with a quick overview of the features.


    Complete cTrader Video Tutorials

    We also have a list of macro-video tutorials which cover all the different features of cTrader, so you can choose what interests you the most. There is also an online user guide for people who do not understand English and can convert the text on a web page.