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    Voice Alerts for Algo Traders

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    The voice pack folder contains sound recordings in English of all trade activity. This pack is a to be used together with ClickAlgo's Smart applications, but you can also use the files for your own personal use free of charge.
    (OS) Type: Windows & Mac OS Compatible
    Updated: Tuesday, 21 December 2021
    Author: ClickAlgo Team

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    Voice Alerts for Algo Traders

    Algorithmic Trading with voice alerts can be very useful when you are multi-tasking, sometimes having a friendly voice telling you a pending limit order has just been filled can be very useful. You can download all or some of the sound files here free of charge and use them in your own automated strategies. All applications created by ClickAlgo use some or all of the voice alerts.


    Products That Use Voice Alerts

    The following products we offer will need the sound pack to be installed in order for the voice alerts to work.


    Security Warnings When Installing

    You will be warned by your operating system when you try to install the software as the install file came from the web, the file has been virus checked and is perfectly safe, we only install the above files to your program files directory under ClickAlgo as shown below and nothing more. 


    Download Sound Files Individually

    If you just want to download any of the sound files for personal use with your algo systems, then feel free to download them by clicking on the arrow down on the right of the sound file.


    Trade Activity Alerts


    Market Order Filled

    Pending Order Submitted

    Pending Limit Order Filled

    Pending Stop Order Filled

    Pending Order Expired

    Pending Order Cancelled

    All Pending Orders Cancelled

    All Buy Positions Closed

    All Sell Positions Closed

    All-Winners Closed

    All Losers Closed

    All Positions Closed

    Break-Even Adjustment

    Trailing Stop Adjustment

    A Position has been Doubled

    All Open Positions Closed

    Closed 50% Volume

    A Position has Closed

    A Position has reversed

    A Position is at Risk

    Many winning positions

    All positions closed at the set time

    The position with no stop loss

    Too many losing positions

    Many winning positions


    Account Activity Alerts

    High drawdown

    Account balance reached the target

    Daily profit target achieved

    Net profit target achieved

    Losing trades net losses high

    Account equity very low

    The platform data feed may have stopped

    Margin is very low