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    P.A.Y.G Programming Support

    We offer a special service to traders who use the cTrader trading platform with Pay-As-You-Go programming support.

    ctrader payg programming support


    What is P.A.Y.G Programming Support

    How many hours have you spent on forums looking for programming help for your cTrader cBots or indicators? Not only do you have to post a question, but you also have to wait for an answer, if you added up all this time, you will find that it has taken from you many hours. We can help you by providing a quick response to your questions.


    What are the Benefits

    The benefits of the P.A.Y.G support is that you will never have to wait and hope that someone will answer your email so you can continue working on your project.


     We are professional commercial programmers

    We offer a fast response to your queries

    Coding Advice, we will explain how the code works

    Documentation in the form of code-comments

    ctrader fast response team

    We can offer 1-2-1 telephone support

    You email us the problem and simply wait for the answer

    We can create private video tutorials for you



    We Offer a Credit System for Ad-Hoc Coding or Advice

     To get started you purchase an ad-hoc credit package from us for £100.00, this will give you 5 hours to use on any of the services we provide below.


    Email queries for coding help

    Personal programming service for existing cBots or indicators

     Coaching & Training for algorithmic development

     1-2-1 telephone help

    Private YouTube videos


    How is the Time Split?

    Each 5 hr credit package is split into 30-minute blocks, so this is the actual time that we will spend working for you.


    How Do I Sign-Up?

    If you are interested in this service you will need to send us an email and just tell us you are interested in the cTrader P.A.Y.G programming Service.

    You can contact us by Email, Skype or Telephone to discuss your project.

    ClickAlgo contact us


    Our Other Programming Services

     We offer a Professional Programming Service for the cTrader trading platform for custom indicators and robots.

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