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"We follow industry standard practices when creating software for our clients"

Starting with an initial consultation, clarification of the requirements, development, testing and product delivery and during the whole process we can communicate via Email, Skype, Telephone so that we build a personal relationship with you and offer a professional service.


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Our Coding Standards to Deliver Quality Software

Writing robust quality code for algorithmic trading software development is just as important as any other mission-critical system due to the financial risk that is involved. Good quality and well-written code reduce the risk of potential bugs in the system that could cause some serious loss of money.

Algorithmic Trading Coding

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Why Choose Us?

Our company developers are highly educated experienced native English speaking programmers who understand what the customers needs.

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We Protect your Idea with a Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you wish to have some extra protection of your trading idea, then we can offer you a physically signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which will state that all information you send us is strictly confidential and we will never discuss the project with anybody outside or publish material on the internet or anywhere else. If you wish us to sign an NDA before you send us your requirements than just download the form below and send it to us.

 Download The NDA Agreement Form


Why We Need A Detailed Project Description

In order for us to create an automated strategy, custom indicator or any other system that will match your exact requirements will require some form of documentation. If your system is very simple then usually you can send an email, for anything else we will need a more detailed document. We can provide a requirements document template to help you get started.


ClickAlgo Requirements



A clear project specification will help to keep the costs down for you, as it’s able to shorten the developing time. It also ensures you get the project you have in mind right away without several revisions. If the specifications are not very clearly defined or the programming request is complex then it will not be possible to provide you with our fixed flat fee and accurate turnaround time. This would also mean the pricing for your project would need to be based on whatever time it takes billed on an hourly rate basis.

How To Write A Project Description


 How Much Does It Cost To Build An Automated Trading System

The price to build you an automated trading robot will all depend on how large and complex your system is, the most efficient method to keep costs down for you is to document your system first in the form of a project description (Requirements Document).  Once we have this document we can provide you with a fixed price and estimated delivery date.

What Is The Average Cost?

In the past 12 months, the average cost for an automated system was £150.00, the lowest was £50.00 and the highest was £1000.00


Our Software Development Process

 We will keep you involved throughout the development process, so we match your requirements exactly, the full process is shown below. The developer will work from the specification and design documents to create a clean, robust and scalable working system and during this process, they may contact you to clarify any of the requirements, this method allows you to be involved in the whole process to make sure we create exactly what you asked for.



Ongoing Support and Modifications

When we deliver your final product, we can offer ongoing support and additional development during its lifetime.

If any bugs are found that are our fault we will fix them free of charge.

Your strategy or software will be organic and it may need to be tweaked and modified as you try different signals or logic to provide you with the best results. We can provide you with ongoing development to achieve your new ideas.


Common Customer Questions

  • You say on the website that a small project cost and the description one needs to send in for a small project is different from a medium to a large project. This makes sense but how do you define what is a small project and what is a medium to a large project?
  • If your project description is less than 100 lines and email will be ok, else we will require a document.
  • At what stage in the process is a payment made...I have had some bad experiences in the past with programmers not providing what I requested?
  • Payment is made in advance by using a PayPal invoice if the quote is above £500.00 than staged payments can be made.
  • How long after the project is finished will you guarantee and fix any problems that were not addressed in the job description and specifications?
  • We give a 3-month warranty for bugs; the customer needs to test the product when it is delivered. If the customer were to ask for features that were not in the original project description, they will need to send us a new project description and we will provide a quote and estimated delivery date. Your project description is attached to the invoice together with our terms and conditions as well as additional information regarding warranty and other items.
  • How long does a typical project take from start to finish? I know it varies from start to finish depending on the project. what is the average time you have found over the years and what is the range from the shortest to longest times you need?
  • The time ranges from 1 day to 90 days, the average is 5 working days.


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General Questions? Just Get In Touch

You can contact us by Email, Skype or Telephone to discuss your project.

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