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    Forex Web Screener Widget

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    The purpose of the Forex Screener is to allow you to filter instruments based on fundamental data and various technical indicators, this tool offers custom filters on the data columns and lets you change display modes by selecting either a symbol list or a toolbar mode. This is a browser pop up window powered by TradingView.
    Type: Web Browser Widget
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: 12 October 2022

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    The default view is an overview of all Forex major and minor pairs and the timeframe shown is 1-day, the data you will see is shown below with a rating telling you if you should buy or sell each currency pair. You have the ability to add/remove columns, filter the data on timeframes, major or minor pairs as well as price and indicator conditions. This widget is a very powerful tool to help you trade forex with an overview of the currency symbols and options to view performance, oscillators and trend-following. Options for timeframes for this free version are daily, weekly and monthly data only.


    Forex Overview


    cTrader Forex Screener Overview

    Forex Performance


    cTrader Forex Performance Widget


    Forex Trend-Following


    cTrader Trend Following Widget


    Forex Oscillators


    cTrader Forex Oscillator Widget


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