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    cTrader Forex News Manager Professional

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    The cTrader Forex News Manager Professional is the only tool you need to manage high-impact news events to protect your money and control your automated trading systems while you sleep. This is a feature-rich application that will send you a popup, email, Telegram & SMS alerts. before the news event happens as well as automatically close all open positions that relate to the upcoming news event.
    Type: cTrader cBot
    Current version: 2.1.0
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: Monday, 25 July 2022

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    This product offers the customer complete peace of mind during news events, it is well known that just before, during and after a major news release the markets can become very unpredictable and volatile. All automated trading systems which use technical indicators are instead gambling when this happens, even manually trading using indicators is extremely risky. These are because fundamental news can completely take all the traders by surprise and shake the markets, an extreme example would be the coronavirus, Brexit, or an unexpected world event, but regular events can be the unemployment figures released that are unexpected.


    cTrader Economic News Manager


    Feature Highlights

    This product has many features that may not be obvious at first glance, below is a list of the key benefits.


    Load News Data

    The news data we load is from Myfxbook, this allows full control of what is loaded into the calendar, it is possible to load up to 3-month's worth of data at a time and also pre-filter the symbols so that only the required currencies are displayed. This product does not support Windows Server 2012.



    This product provides 4 types of notifications to help the trader during major news events doe different scenarios from being in front of the PC to being away from the PC with only a mobile phone with no internet. Make sure the Activate checkbox is ticked if you wish to receive alerts.

    • Popup message (as shown below) to inform the trader before and again after the news event.
    • Email message, this is a standard email message that takes a little longer to receive but is the easiest one to set up.
    • Telegram message - sends an instant message to your desktop, tablet or mobile phone when you have an internet signal and are away from the PC.
    • SMS text message - sends an instant message to your mobile phone when you do not have an internet signal.


    cTrader News Event Alert


    Filter News Events

    With the news calendar, you can filter any column as shown in the picture above, the funnel icon allows the selection of certain data, an example is that you can filter to only show high-impact news events for EUR and USD currencies for today only. After the data has been filtered then only this data is used for notifications and upcoming news events that are shown on the chart.


    Telegram & SMS News Alerts - Mobile Phone

    You can receive an upcoming news event alert directly to your mobile phone so that you are informed of all market events the moment it happens.


    Show Upcoming News on Chart

    The picture below shows a mixture of high, medium and low impact news that is going to happen in the future for a symbol, as the current time gets closer to the event the line will also get closer to the candle time. There is an option to hide this display as well as a filter which impacts news events displayed.



    It is currently only possible to display the chart news lines on the same chart that the cBot was attached to. If additional charts are opened the news lines will not be displayed.


    cTrader Chart News Events


    Countdown Timer

    The countdown timer is shown on the calendar picture above and it will show how much time is left until the next news event will happen, it will change colour to show which news event is up next: High, Medium and Low 


    cTrader News Manager API


    Automated Trading System API

    This news calendar will talk to your cTrader cBots and send signals just before major news events so the robot will stop opening new positions and close any risky positions, it will send another signal after the event has finished and it is safe to start trading again.


    Trade Manager

    The trade manager tab allows automatic management of open trades before a news event happens, it is well known that if trades are left open they can easily be stopped out or even an account being blown if not managed correctly. This feature will only close trades that relate to the upcoming news event and not all currency symbols that are open.


    cTrader Forex Trade Manager


    News Alerts

    We have made it as simple as possible for users to configure their notification settings and set when the alerts are to be sent to the trader. These notifications are sent before and after a news event and the time can be adjusted to suit the symbol being traded, also, these can be turned on or off.


    cTrader Telegram News Alerts


    Watch a Video Demo

    The following video tutorial will help you get started using the News Manager Pro Tool.

    Duration: 12-minutes


    Online User Guide

    Read the online user guide which will help you understand how to use the features of the terminal.


    How To Install

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install it onto the platform.


    Join Telegram Community

    You can join a Telegram community and chat with other traders to discuss, share and ask for help.


    Product User Manual

    If you need help with installation and how to use this product, visit the support page.