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    ClickAlgo Telegram Messenger Community

    Our cTrader Telegram messenger community was created to support our customers to help them use our products & services, here you will get ultra-fast answers to your questions with help from our support staff and community members.


    We no longer offer official support on this channel

     cTrader Telegram Messenger Community

    What is Telegram Messenger?

    In the market trading community, the use of the Telegram messaging system has become very popular and seems to be the standard with sharing ideas and learning about stock market trading techniques. This messenger service is claimed to be the most secure messaging applications on the market, it that works over the internet, just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger which means you can send messages for free by using a wi-fi connection or your mobile data allowance.


    How Can You Benefit by Joining?

    We now have a strong community of members who all help each other, if you are new to this industry than working alone can be very difficult, but if you were involved with a bigger community of traders using this instant messaging service you can quickly learn and feel confident with your trading.


    Do's & Dont's

    We have a few rules in this community to protect everybody from scams and excessive advertising, so you can focus on questions and answers and not be bombarded with spam, we also protect you from scammers who may try and contact you.


    What ClickAlgo Post

    We will post on the messenger group when we have new products, special offers, product updates for existing customers and any new video tutorials that we feel will benefit traders.


    Additional Help

    There are many questions that customers ask that is common, you can find the answers to most of them in our knowledgebase.