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    cTrader Free Harmonic Scanner

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    The Free cTrader harmonic indicator is a tool that uses Fibonacci numbers to define precise turning points in the Forex markets to predict future movements. This indicator contains the following patterns: Gartley, Bat, Cypher & Butterfly. When you use Harmonic patterns for trading, it refers to an idea that trends are harmonic phenomena, which means they can be subdivided into smaller or larger waves that could predict the price direction.
    Type: cTrader Indicator
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Requires: Windows 10
    Published: 10 June 2021
    Page last updated: 14 June 2021

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    Basic Features

    With the free version of the harmonic scanner, you can decide which of the 4 patterns you would like to see and set the colour to suit your chart theme and when a pattern forms you will also see the name of the pattern on the chart. As you can see from the screenshot below a Bullish Bat pattern has not yet formed, this is very useful for the trader to see which patterns are currently being formed, but not yet complete.


    cTrader Free Harmonic Indicator



    This indicator is very basic, it does not have finer control for pattern recognition, it will not send alerts when a pattern forms, but it will show you a basic view of all the A, B, C & D points with lines as shown above as well as the pattern name. You may also notice that the last leg does not snap to the last candle, but for a free version, it should help.


    How To Trade Harmonic Patterns

    If you are unfamiliar with Harmonic patterns then we can help you get started and learn how to trade with them. 


    How To Install

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install it onto the platform.


    Instant Chat Support

    If you want a speedy reply to your questions just post your questions on our Telegram chat group.


    Advanced Harmonic Scanner

    If you are looking for a more comprehensive harmonic scanner with better visuals and more patterns then consider downloading our paid tool, you can start with a fully functional trial version to see if you like it.


    cTrader Advanced Harmonic Indicator