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    Prop Firm Challenge cBots & Indicators

    A prop firm challenge, short for proprietary trading firm challenge, is a process through which traders can potentially gain access to trading capital provided by a proprietary trading firm. Proprietary trading firms, also known as prop firms, use their capital to trade financial instruments, aiming to generate profits. These firms often recruit traders who can demonstrate skill and profitability in trading, and one way they assess potential traders is through challenges.


    Risk Management Tools

    There are many charting tools to assist a trader with making decisions to open, close or manage positions, one of the most popular cTrader indicators is our Risk & Reward Charting Tool which will allow you to pre-define your risk based on your stop loss and take profit before you enter a trade.

    1. Smart Scalping Tool
    2. Guardian Angel Assistant
    3. Advanced Trade Protection
    4. Economic News Manager
    5. Volatility Risk Assistant


    Trade Using cTrader cBots


    Trading Strategies

    You may need a little help with automating your trades to open, close and manage your positions 24/7, our collection of algorithmic cBots will help you. We recommend that you use them as assistants to help you and not 100% fully automated due to the unpredictable nature of the financial markets.

    1. Neptune Algo Strategies x 10
    2. Smart-Grid Algo Strategy
    3. Switchback Algo Strategy
    4. Moving Average Strategy
    5. Aieden SuperTrend


    Technical Indicators

    Every trader needs good indicators to help make trade decisions, here are some of the best to help you pass.

    1. Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) Professional
    2. Direction Correction Targets
    3. Support & Resistance Indicator
    4. Time Price Opportunity (TPO)
    5. Harmonic Pattern Scanner


    Trade Copying Software

    Copying trades across multiple cTrader accounts is effortlessly achieved through the cTrader Trade Copying Software, renowned for its remarkable speed. This tool enables swift management of numerous trading accounts across various brokers simultaneously, all within the same trading platform. Users can access their account data and seamless trade management capabilities, ensuring a streamlined trading experience.


    Algo Strategy Builder

    Build Algo Strategies

    Why not explore building your automated trading systems using the cTrader Algo Strategy Building Tool?

    This application is a powerful tool for traders to create, test, and execute customised strategies based on technical analysis, trade rules and risk management.


    Best Free Trading Tools

    We know that you will be looking for lots of good quality free trading tools and indicators, this is why we have been building them for you over many years.


    Looking for Something Different

    If you cannot find the trading tool you are looking for, why not contact our development team to make it for you?


    Sign-Up with a Good Broker

    We recommend IC Markets to get started trading using the cTrader platform because they have over 34K positive Trustpilot reviews and a wide range of trading instruments with low fees.


    Best cTrader Prop Firm


    Sign-Up with a Good Prop Firm

    There are currently many prop firms to choose from for the cTrader challenge, but we are featuring PipFarm because we believe they will be one of the best on the market.