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    cTrader Chart Drawing Toolbar
    The drawing toolbar for the cTrader trading platform will allow you to attach drawing objects to the charts in the form of Fibonacci Tools, Trend lines and other useful drawings.
    How to Create cTrader Price Alerts
    A cTrader price alert is a notification that is sent to the trader in the form of an audible sound, pop-up and email when the price of an instrument reaches a set target.
    MT4 EA Conversion to cTrader cBot
    If you have an MT4 Expert Advisor or indicator that you need to be converted to be used with the cTrader trading platform then have a quick read of this article first.
    Managing Orders using cTrader
    This article will show you all the various ways of managing your open positions or pending orders on the fly, it includes both web content and a video tutorial.
    Download & Install cTrader
    If you are new to the cTrader trading platform than your first step is to find a suitable broker and open a risk-free demo account, each broker will offer a branded version of cTrader
    cTrader Submitting Orders
    Submitting Market & Pending Orders using the cTrader Trading Platform is fluid and fast to help you enter the market at just the right time to lock in your profits.
    cTrader Symbol Watchlists
    The watchlist feature used with cTrader allows traders to group symbols for quick access when trading, with a watchlist you can easily view your favourite trading instruments.
    Forex Trading - Talent vs Hard Work
    Many traders start out thinking they have the talent to trade Forex and they will be able to identify patterns in the charts or data to identify trade opportunities.
    cTrader Platform Overview Video
    Over the past year of 2019 here has been many updates to the cTrader trading platform with new features added and adjustments made as voted by the growing community.
    cTrader Complete Video Guide
    One of the best methods to learn is to watch a video tutorial, this is why our cTrader Video Tutorials has helped the community of growing traders harness the full power of the trading platform.
    Who is The Best cTrader Broker
    We recommend a few of the best brokers that offer the cTrader trading platform, these are chosen by factors such as trust, security, customer support and reputation.
    How to Protect Your cBot Source Code
    If you have just spent many days or even months creating a product that you wish to sell or even share then you may not want the average coder from stealing your hard work.
    Comments (0) Telegram: SSL/TLS Secure Channel
    If you find that your Telegram API code is no longer sending messages to your bots and you are getting an error creating a secure SSL/TLS secure channel, we have the fix.
    Comments (0) NinjaTrader vs. cTrader
    No longer do you need to compare cTrader with NinjaTrader to see which one is better, why not use both and connect to your existing cTrader broker.
    cTrader Developer
    We are a professional Fintech company based in the UK specialising in developing custom indicators, cBots, EA's, robots & trading tools for traders who use the cTrader trading platform.
    Social Media StockTwits
    If you are looking for a social media platform to share your ideas with fellow traders of all abilities then StockTwits is the product you should be using, this free tool will allow you to view and share information with over 400K market professionals